promise care services

About Us

Promise Care Services

Promise Care Services is a care provider in the United Kingdom that is registered with the Care Quality Commission. Promise Care Services is simply enthusiastic and person-centered about the entire social care system in the United Kingdom.

We distinguish ourselves from our competition by approaching the difficulties of UK social care from a fully integrated, honest, and practical standpoint. 

We provide genuine, compassionate, and person-centered care to vulnerable persons in need of care and support, whether it be short-term practical daily assistance at home or 24 hour live-in care and palliative care. All Service Users’ rights are respected and promoted by us.

We take pleasure in having a well-qualified and devoted team comprised of healthcare professionals, healthcare assistants, and support workers who adhere to the Care Quality Commission’s statutory rules.

We do frequent training to create and maintain highly qualified care professionals to fulfil the demands of our service consumers. We make certain that our human resources have ongoing opportunity to improve their skills and efficiency, making them more useful and relevant to the sector.

Our Aim

Promise Care Services purpose is to give all employees with the chance to participate in training that will grow and increase their potential.As a consequence, our service users will receive higher-quality treatment and service delivery, and we will be in conformity with both local authorities and the treatment Quality Commission.

Our Values

We offer a service that is both discreet and confidential, and we take pleasure in protecting your privacy at all times.

We are dedicated to delivering care services and assistance of the highest possible quality.

We take great satisfaction in providing care and support that is centred on the individual, focused on the outcomes desired, and offered with compassion, sensitivity, and an absence of judgement.

We honour people's desires, make an effort to comprehend their hopes and dreams, and encourage them to succeed in achieving their own objectives.