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Complex Care

Care for people when you or a loved one have chronic or long-term health conditions.

We provide assistance to individuals with long-term health conditions who require care and support to manage their conditions and daily duties in order to live independently in their own homes.

Our complex care is nurse-led and individualised for each client’s requirements. We hire carers who have received professional training to care for a variety of conditions. PEG feeding, tracheostomy care, and stoma care are all included in complex day and night care.

Our diverse team is comprised of specialists from various fields, and we only hire individuals who share our values. This is why each member of our team, from hourly workers to registered nurses, is committed to working with dignity, integrity, and sensitivity.

For you or a loved one to live an independent and fruitful life, our carers are capable of providing care and support.


Our approach and attitude towards complex care ensure that you or your loved one are always at the centre of our service.

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Types of complex care

Gastronomy care

Promise Care Services assists those who have swallowing issues or are unable to eat enough. PEG feeding is a nutritionally balanced liquid administered through a gastrostomy tube.

We can control food and water intake as well as dietary limitations with regular feeding tube care. We may also assist you with your medications.

Our nurse-led team understands that bacterial contamination of feed and gastrostomy sites can result in illness and difficulties. To avoid contamination and sickness, we use global infection control.

Tracheostomy care

Our complex care staff understands that getting used to a tracheostomy tube takes time. Airway management and equipment care might be tough at home, whether you live alone or with others.

Our qualified staff provides nursing-led care to reassure and boost your confidence. This encourages independence. We assist poor individuals in living happy lives in their own homes.

Catheter, Bowel, and Stoma Care

Living with bladder or bowel problems can be challenging. This can significantly diminish one’s quality of life and cause stress. Our complicated care specialists can assist you in living independently and pleasantly.

Our nurses and carers are well-trained to provide a wide range of continence care services in the comfort of your own home. When we come to your residence, we will always be courteous, respectful, and compassionate.

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